The "KAMENA VOURLA MARINA SA" was created in August 2017 in order to convert the port into a destination of safe mooring for all seasons of the year. Within the very short period of its activity, the port became a safe location for mooring boats with a brand new mooring system, 24-hour guarding, with coverage of both the sea and the land zone of the marina with modern systems of monitoring with CCTV cameras and alarms, while a series of other works have been carried out in order to upgrade its services. The Kamena Vourla Marina is located at the calm waters of the Malian Gulf, at the tourist resort of Kamena Vourla at a distance of 150 km. from Athens through the National Road. The newly founded company continuously upgrades its services in order to have the best possible service of marine tourism, giving particular emphasis to safety. Safety is first!